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Lete  Ansera


Lete’s professional training has equipped her with theoretical knowledge and skills needed to deal with different situations such as: assisting students with school related issues, helping families with rational and parental problems, working with couples in crisis and individuals who want to work on personal development and skills. As a Christian Therapist, Lete has a holistic approach to Marriage and Family Therapy (i.e. she cares about the entire person’s well-being, mental, psychological and spiritual needs). She has worked with children of all ages, families and individuals, and couples covering a wide variety of problematic situations including drug and alcohol addiction.


Lete earned her Bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences and Master’s degree in Psychology from Rome (Italy). She received a MA degree in Theological studies from St. Meinrad, IN and her doctorate at the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. She has spent the last twenty years working as an educator and counselor

Lete’s counseling focus includes:

  • Trauma Informed Therapy

  • Family

  • Empowering Coaching

  • Substance Abuse

Dr. Lete is versed in many languages, including:

  • Amharic – አማርኛ

  • Tigrinya – ትግርኛ

  • Italian – Italiano

  • Bilen

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